About Us

Since its establishment in 1996 (1416H) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, The Eye Consultants (TEC) has provided world-class eye care services and facilities to the citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

With highly qualified consultants, and the latest in research and technology, TEC delivers specialized medical services in accordance with accepted international standards.

TEC’s consultants have major achievements to their credit, including successfully performing many precise eye surgeries for the first time in the Saudi private health sector. TEC today is a well recognized organization and is the first choice for anyone who is looking for eye care.

TEC established a full-fledged facility in Jeddah in 2004 (1425H) offering all of its services and treatments.



Providing our specialized medical services to the community, combining the best human resources with the latest technologies in the field of ophthalmology in the world, all in accordance with a consistent system, within a tight framework of quality performance and smooth implementation.



"The Eye Consultants" is to be the leading center and unique model in the field of ophthalmology with its allparticular specialties in Saudi Arabia.



Islamic values: (honesty, good manners, work mastery, continues and effective learning) are the stones of the four corners of our mission and vision, which our team has made in mind, aspiring to a better tomorrow every day.


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