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The Anterior Segment includes Eyelids, Conjunctiva, Cornea, Anterior Chamber, Iris and Lens ‎which form the front part of the eye or ‎the window through which light is ‎carried out & focused on the Retina until the vision becomes clear. Sometimes the ‎front faces problems that may get the beauty of the eye distorted, hinder ‎proper vision and may cause blindness, causing inconvenience and suffering to ‎the patient (and those around him) and hinder his natural life. Some of these problems are: Different types of infections and their many complications, ‎ accidents and ‎injuries, and Corneal Opacity (the fourth cause of blindness in the world), the ‎Lens problems (Cataract disease is the leading cause of blindness in the world (48% of ‎cases), and others. However, in The Eye Consultants, we have the subspecialties, large experiences and ‎advanced technologies, for all interventions, including surgical ‎interventions such as Cornea transplantation, Lens extraction … and others.
(The Silent Thief) is the name given to the Glaucoma which is a disease ‎characterized by Ocular Hypertension (increased pressure within the eye) that may ‎damage the cells of the optic nerve and cause gradual vision loss (if not detected ‎within suitable time and treated with appropriate methods). More than 70 million are affected by glaucoma worldwide, it affects around 2-3% of the population. Glaucoma is one ‎of the most serious diseases affecting the eye, because most cases are not ‎accompanied by symptoms at the beginning (The Silent Thief), moreover, the ‎damage (and blindness) caused by Glaucoma cannot be cured. Fortunately, early detection and timely treatment can stop disease development ‎and save the eye from blindness. ‎Therefore, we recommend visiting an ‎Ophthalmologist for checkup (and yearly follow-up) if you: ‎ Are over Forty. Have a family history of Glaucoma or Diabetes. Have Diabetes, cataract, and inflammation of the iris – short-sighted (Myopia). ‎ Use cortisone drops for a long time To Save Your Eyes…. We have equipped an integrated Glaucoma unit of high efficiency for ‎the early detection and appropriate intervention at the highest levels‎ (whether through medications, Laser or surgical intervention). The Eye Consultants Energies And Capabilities… For Bright Future
Retina is a light sensitive tissue lining the inner surface of the eye. The Retina is a ‎complex, layered structure with several layers of neurons interconnected by ‎Synapses. The only neurons that are directly sensitive to light are the Cons & ‎Rods, where these cells convert light into nerve signals, and send them to the Visual ‎Center of the Brain.‎ The Retina is very sensitive and is vulnerable to many problems such as diabetic retinopathy, Retinal Detachment and Macular Degeneration, which is associated with one’s growing older and retinitis.‎ These problems may lead to blindness (if not discovered and dealt with in a timely ‎and appropriate manner). Such problems happen either because of genetic ‎defect, disease within the eye, or general health problems, most notably Diabetes. ‎ It has been proven that diabetics are at risk of blindness 25 times more than non-‎diabetics. Diabetic Retinopathy causes 5,000.000 cases of blindness (5% ‎of blindness cases worldwide).‎ Early detection and appropriate treatment can save 95% of people ‎with Diabetic Retinopathy from blindness. Therefore, we focus on early ‎detection through annual eye examination for diabetic people. The Eye Consultants …. Detection In Timely Manner … The Most Appropriate Treatment Method.
There is a strong relationship between the eye and the Nervous System, where the ‎position & movement of the eyelids are controlled by a group of muscles whose work ‎is controlled by the Nervous System. The eyes move together in wonderful harmony ‎and balance through a group of muscles & nerves. The pupil dilation is controlled ‎by a muscle whose performance is controlled by the Nervous System.‎ The Retina contains neurons cells sensitive to light that convert the reflected light ‎on the Retina into nerve signals. Through the Optic Nerve, these signals are transferred ‎to Brain Visual Center. This neuromuscular harmony is organized according to the distance & ‎speed of the visible object, and intensity of lighting, … etc‎ If any disorder occurs in these nerves or in the Neuromuscular Consensus, ‎disorder will follow in the visual acuity, the position of the eyes and eyelids, ‎the movement of the eyes (or Involuntary Movements of the Eye), Double ‎Vision (Diplopia)… & other problems will occur. ‎ ‎Our unit is qualified at the highest levels to diagnose these problems and handle them ‎by God willing.‎ The Eyes Consultants… Enjoy The Details Of Your Life…Before the correction procedure that our experts LASIK operations department examines references and research LASIK is a surgical procedure is the reshaping of the cornea by a laser beam (a very concentrated beam of light) to correct some of the defects of vision refractive (nearsightedness or farsightedness or astigmatism), and before the correction procedure that Our experts examine References Department LASIK operations and research
LASIK is a surgical procedure of restructuring the Cornea with emitted laser ‎light (highly concentrated beam of light) to correct some vision defects (such as ‎Myopia, Hyperopia or Astigmatism). Before performing this ‎procedure, our experts in LASIK Operations Department examine the patient and do ‎the required medical investigations to determine the appropriateness of this procedure. This type of operation – which takes less than 30 minutes –doesn’t require the ‎patient to stay at the center, as the patient can leave and go home on the same day after ‎being provided with guidance, medications and follow up procedures necessary for taking care of his/her eye. Correcting vision by Excimer Laser is a practical alternative to wearing ‎ eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct refractive errors. Therefore, ‎most patients prefer this procedure, where our experts perform hundreds of successful operations, ‎benefiting from the latest technology in this area. ‎ ‎ The Eye Consultants… For More Flexible Life
The gift of the eyesight is one of the most important senses that enables man – from the moment of birth – to explore, ‎identify & deal with the outside world.‎ Our children’s eyes are vulnerable to many problems, genetic, congenital or acquired ‎‎(during the early years), that negatively affect their natural growth and ‎development, especially when it comes to learning, and these problems may cause ‎blindness. Examples of these problems: ‎Amblyopia (Lazy Eye)‎, birth defects, Congenital Glaucoma, Cataract, problems of the Lachrymal Canal, Double Vision, Involuntary Eye Movements, and some eye tumors…. etc. ‎ Children’s sight problems cause many educational problems & ‎academic failures, as well as many serious social and psychological influences. The dangerous thing is that many of these problems are not discovered until it is too late, and until it becomes too difficult to help the child and save his/her eye. ‎According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, there are 1.4 ‎million blind children worldwide as well as 12 million children suffer ‎from visual impairment, due to Refractive Defects which can be detected and easily ‎treated. ‎ To protect the eyes of our beloved children, and give them the ‎opportunity to grow and to develop naturally, we have equipped a ‎separate unit for the early detection and intervention at the highest levels, ‎and also for providing our customers with medical directory about early ‎detection and regular follow-up. Explore The World With Sharp Vision ‎
Eye is the shining jewel, which occupies the foremost part in the system of the face ‎beauty. This jewel may be distorted in some cases by birth defects, injuries or acquired ‎diseases or age related changes, causing a great deal of psychological and social ‎suffering for the patient and those around him, in addition to the visual ‎impairment.‎ Some of these problems are:‎ • Droopy Eyelids, especially in children. ‎• Turning of Lid Margin (inside or outside). ‎• Fat Collection in the eyelids. ‎• Eye Atrophy or Popeyes Exophthalmos. ‎• Lachrymal system diseases, such as Clogged Tear Ducts. ‎ • Lid congenital deformties and those due to aging. Moreover, until recently, dealing with these problems was a major challenge for both ‎doctors and patients due to the difficulty in achieving a balance between solving the ‎problem and maintaining the beauty of the eye at the same time.‎ However …… With the astonishing scientific development and with our medical center that has high ‎experiences and latest technologies … we can achieve this balance. ‎With Us …. You Will Look At Life With Beautiful Eyes.
Since the successful treatment is based on the successful diagnosis… Since (The Eye Consultants‎) is an integrated facility, It was necessary to establish a number of support units equipped with the ‎latest diagnostic technologies such as: A) Visual Field Examination Unit: A unit specializing in screening and measuring the visual field in order to ‎diagnose a number of diseases, such as: Glaucoma and diseases of the Nervous ‎System. B) Medical Imaging Unit : A unit specializing in photography for some cases to diagnose the current ‎situation and follow up later such as Fluorescien angiography, OCT and Topography. C) Ultrasound Unit: A unit specializing in OCT imaging of the eye using ultrasound to diagnose many ‎conditions.
The mechanism of vision is a miracle, where the light falls from objects on ‎the eye, then the Cornea and Lens of the eye focus the light on the Retina (this ‎is called the “Refractive Power of the Eye”), and then the Retina converts the light into ‎nerve signals, and send them to the brain’s visual center through the optic nerve. In many cases, defect occurs in the Refractive Power of the Eye due to problems in the ‎Cornea, Lens or eye size. Accordingly, light reflected from objects is concentrated either in ‎front of, behind the Retina, or irregularly on the Retina itself. This can cause vision problems ‎such as Myopia, Hyperopia, Astigmatism or Presbyopia (which ‎often occurs after the age of forty), or even visual disability and blindness, as ‎statistics showed that there are 5 million people worldwide suffer from blindness ‎caused by Refractive Defects, while 124 million suffer from low vision.‎ Despite the availability of many modern solutions to these problems, the glasses ‎and contact lenses still fascinate some of our customers. As part of our ‎philosophy of specialization with the integrated services, we have equipped a ‎separate unit for glasses and contact lenses of all kinds, whether therapeutic or ‎cosmetic. We also opened a classy optical show room in Riyadh, where our experts ‎perform accurate diagnoses and involve our customers in determining the ‎appropriate means and ways to take care of their eyes in a delicate balance between ‎aesthetics and performance efficiency. Dear guest….. If you use glasses or contact lenses, we recommend you to make annual ‎follow-up & medical examination. ‎ ‎Together… We Watch The Beauty Of Life
Due to the eye sensitivity and the accuracy of surgical operations, we made sure that the ‎Operations Room must be equipped according to the highest international health ‎standards and with the latest international technologies to ensure that all ‎kinds of eye operations shall be performed in perfect environment by the most ‎skilled consultants. The Eye Consultants had the honor to be the first private center in Riyadh, that ‎performed the most complex surgical operations in Ophthalmology. The results of ‎these operations matched the results achieved by the most advanced international ‎Ophthalmology centers. Today, we are performing all kind of eye surgeries such ‎as: ‎ ‎• Corrections of Eyelids‎. ‎• Treatment of Glaucoma. ‎‎• Refractive Surgeries and LASIK. ‎ ‎• Corneal Transplant. ‎ ‎‎• Treatment of Strabismus‎. ‎• Treatment of Cataracts.‎ ‎• Treatment of Lachrymal System problems. ‎‎• Oculoplasty Surgeries. ‎• Vitreo Retinal such as Bleeding And Retinal Detachment. Our Results… Confirm Our Leadership

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